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A Guide to Resolve WavLink WiFi Red Light Issue

Are you getting WavLink WiFi extender red light issue? Unable to access ap.setup WavLink login page? Is your answer a big yes?  Then it means your internet experience is going to ruin for sure. But, no worries! This article and the fixes provided here are ready to help you. Here, we have covered some effective troubleshooting hacks that will help you resolve the issue in no time. And, once the issue gets resolved, the overall performance of your WavLink WiFi extender will automatically be enhanced. Read on!


Fixed: WavLink WiFi extender Red Light Issue


Fix 1: Power Cycle Your WavLink extender


The first and foremost fix that you need to apply in order to troubleshoot the issue is to power cycle or restart your WavLink WiFi extender. The process is quite simple! All you need to do:


  • Unplug your WavLink WiFi extender from the wall socket.
  • Wait for some time and plug in your WavLink WiFi extender device back again.


Still getting the red light on your WavLink WiFi extender? The above-mentioned hack doesn’t prove helpful to you? Let’s erase those worry lines from your forehead. How?


  • Just ensure that the wall socket you have used for plugging in your WavLink WiFi extender is well working.
  • The WavLink WiFi extender is properly plugged in!
  • And, the power being supplied to your WavLink WiFi extender is steady.


Fix 2: Check Extender and Router Connection


In case the red light issue continues to persist, then you need to check the connection made between your WavLink WiFi extender and router. Bear in mind, if there is no connectivity between your devices or they are placed at a distance, then getting the issue is quite obvious. For getting it fixed, you need to check the connection between your router and WavLink WiFi extender. Apart from this, also ensure that your WavLink WiFi extender and router are properly connected.


Once you are done connecting your devices in a proper way, see if you are able to troubleshoot the issue. If it is still troubling you, ensure that the connection is finger-tight and the cable you have used is in working condition. Besides, if you have used a wireless source, make sure that WavLink WiFi extender device is connected to the internet and you are getting full internet speed from your service provider end.

Note this down, slow internet is also one of the biggest causes behind getting the red light issue on your WavLink WiFi extender device.


Now, you need to check the connectivity between your devices whether it has been successfully made or not by accessing WavLink wifi extender login page.


Fix 3: Look for WiFi Interference

This is one of the important fixes to apply! Please have a quick nudge at the WavLink WiFi extender’s placement. Where you have placed it? Have you placed it near to interference-creating WiFi devices like baby monitors, Alexa, gaming consoles, play stations, or any other similar device? If so, you now have the reason in hand behind getting the issue. In order to prevent this from happening, just change the location of your WavLink WiFi extender device.

Where to place WavLink WiFi extender? You need to place your WavLink WiFi extender away from the interference-creating WiFi devices listed above and also, do not place it closer to concrete walls, thick walls, and windows. Rather, choose an open, airy, high, and center-most area in your home.


Fix 4: Reconfigure Your WavLink extender

Despite applying all the hacks listed above, are you still experiencing the red light issue on your WavLink WiFi extender device? If so, then it seems like you have not configured your WavLink WiFi extender in a proper way, have you? No? Well, taking improper WavLink WiFi extender setup issue into consideration, we recommend you reset your WavLink WiFi extender right away. How? Just press and hold the reset hole on your WavLink WiFi extender and release it after a couple of minutes.

Once you are done resetting your WavLink WiFi extender, configure it from scratch using the WPS or the manual method. You can also use the WavLink WiFi extender app for the same.



In case you get “WavLink WiFi extender unable to connect to router” issue, just apply the following fixes:


  • Restart your WavLink WiFi extender router.
  • Download the correct version of firmware on Wavlink device.
  • Make sure to have continuous internet connectivity and connect to it prior to accessing the app.
  • Update the software of your router as well..


To Conclude

Now, we are going to conclude this article with this hope that the fixes provided here helped you out. Hopefully, you are now able to resolve the “WavLink WiFi extender red light” issue and have started making the most out of it (WavLink WiFi extender).



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