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HomeTechnology192.168.10.1 Refused to Connect? Let’s Fix this For You! Refused to Connect? Let’s Fix this For You! refused to connect issue might persist due to poor internet connection. And, if you can’t access the web address, you will not reach the wifi WavLink com ap setup page to configure it and update its firmware. On the other hand, an incompatible or an outdated internet browser can also cause the issue. Need not to worry! There is not even a single problem that can’t be resolved. Where there is a will there’s a way! This piece of writing will provide you some topmost fixes following which resolving the issue will be as easy as ABC for you. Let’s start!


Fixed: Refused to Connect


Fix 1: Start with Restarting Your Wavlink extender

The issue “ refused to connect” issue can persist because of some technical glitches. And, such technical glitches with your Wavlink extender can be fixed by just restarting your Wavlink extender.

Wondering how to restart your Wavlink extender? Wonder no more! Thus, follow the instructions listed below to get the job done in blink of an eye.


  • Right off the bat, turn off your Wavlink extender and router.
  • Wait for a few seconds.
  • Plug in back your Wavlink extender device again.


After restarting your device, you will see a stable LED on it

Need to know more about Wavlink extender light colors? If yes, refer to its manual. 


Now, connect your Wavlink extender with your host router. See, if you are able to resolve the issue. By any chance, if continues to refuse to connect, don’t delay to give the next hack a try.


Fix 2: Check the Wavlink Extender and Router Connectivity

You can also suffer with the issue if the connection between your Wavlink extender and router is not proper. So, keep some below-mentioned points into consideration before re-establishing the connection between them:

  • If there is a wireless connection between your devices, then ensure that your devices are kept within reach of each other. Apart from this, you must have blazing-fast internet connection. Keep in mind, slow internet can be one of the biggest causes behind the issue.
  • On the other hand, if a wired source has been used, then consider putting your hands on a well-maintained Ethernet cable.


Apart from this, you have to make a wired or a wireless connection between your Wavlink extender and router. After making a connection between them, see if you see a visible Wavlink extender blue light.


Once you are done applying this fix, check if “ refused to connect” issue is fixed. Is your answer a big no? Why worry then? The hack highlighted below might help you.


Fix 3: Update Web Browser

Another solution to get rid of the issue is to update your web browser you are currently using to access Bear in mind, the Wavlink extender’s default web address can give issues while working on an outdated web browser version. So, update it and get the issue fixed on a fly.


Did this fix bring you luck? If not, then:

  • Clear browsing history, cache, and cookies
  • Do not input the web address in the search bar
  • Ensure that you have not used the private window


In accordance to the above-mentioned fix, here’s to hope that the issue you are currently getting is fixed. If not, then ensure that the device software, which you are using to access the web address is up-to-date.


No Luck? Fret not! Be certain that you have not committed any typing errors in the web address, If you are not sure about the same, then you are more than a welcome to copy from here and then paste in the URL bar of the web browser.


Has the web address started working for you? No? Don’t worry! For what purpose you are using the web address? To set up WavLink wifi extender or updating its firmware? For logging in to it or changing its default settings?


Note: Here “it” we are referring to your “Wavlink extender”.

Look, for any purpose, the IP can also be used instead of Use it and you will surely get success. But, just ensure that you are accessing the correct WiFi network.


In a Nutshell

Getting “ refused to connect” issue has become quite common these days. But, you have the fixes provided in this article at hand. It means, you don’t have to take stress. So, bookmark or save this article on your desktop so that, whenever you get the same issue again, you can apply the fixes jotted down here right away. It will be easy and time saving, isn’t it?



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