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Magical Face Toners & A Busy Mom’s Guide To Stress Relief

Sometimes I wish I could sprinkle a face toner on a tough parenthood situation and it would just fix the problem, like it fixes my skin. Let’s face it. Parenthood is tough, especially for Moms. Just when you thought you have it all figured out, your kids’ teenage phase hits and the next thing you know is that you have a little freedom fighter in front of you trying to claim her/his rights to night outs. Where’s that magical hydrating toner for dry skin? Can we have something for real life problems too? 

Well, we can’t have a magical face toner, but what we can have is a break from all the stress around Motherhood. What? Come on, you deserve it! Don’t feel guilty about wanting to take a pause, fix your mood, and then get back, make your little warrior realize why they are too young for night outs. Basically, this blog contains some smart hacks to keep you chillaxed so you get rid of some stress, and deal with tough Motherhood situations better. Trust me, you will thank yourself for reading this write-up.

7 Ways To Take a Break From Your Children

  • Sleep Extra:

Don’t pack your kid’s lunch box for 1 day. Let their father take on the food responsibility. Actually, why 1 day? Take a 7 day break if you have to. This will also set a precedent for your kid to acknowledge that Mommy takes care of herself when she has to. She can’t always be sacrificing. So switch off that morning time alarm and sleep for as long as you have to. If you have to wake up for work, you could either sleep early, or take a half-day. Hell, you know what? Skip work for a day. You deserve some good rest.

  • Spend Your Sunday With Your Girlies:
    It’s been a long time, no? Parenthood makes us so busy, that we often unknowingly cut our friends off, unless these friends are your kid’s school friend’s parents. Reunite with your college best friends. Ditch your Sunday time with your kids. Just for once. It’s okay. It’s not selfish. You’re doing this for you so you can rejuvenate and be a better mom, okay? Take an off on an off day, and dedicate it to you. Catch up with your girlfriends, and indulge in interesting gossip with them.

  • Dedicate a Day To Self-care

I’m talking about taking a break from everything – work, home life, kids, even from husband if you have to. Dedicate this day to taking Queen level care of yourself. You owe this to yourself. Yes, I know taking care of yourself may not stop your kids from wanting to go for night outs and wanting to do all sorts of rebellious things but what it will do is help you deal with such tough situations in a better way, in a way in which you won’t become your kid’s enemy. 

Or, if you are a new Mom, juggling between baby products, and sleep, you are surely going to benefit out of self-care. Don’t feel guilty, it’s just about one day. Just a day for you to relax and take care of yourself so you feel revitalized.

So here’s what you need, take notes if you have to; a bottle of face toner – it could be a hydrating toner for dry skin or oily skin – basically the kind that is compatible for your skin type. And then what you need is a cute jar of face mask, and some refreshing fruit juice. Grasp in all the goodness of the face mask. Then, wash off the mask, apply the toner. Now that was skincare self-care. Skincare can make you feel pampered for sure. You know what else you can do for some self-pampering sesh? Read on!

  • Spa Sesh:
    Imagine how relaxing this would be! Head massage, shoulder massage, back massage – you need it! Get your hubby also to sign up! You both need a break from Parenting. 

These solutions could be your magical face toners for parenthood problem solving in disguise. Go take these up and give yourself a break. Self-care with hydrating toners for dry skin, go for a spa session, spend your time with your friends, and give yourself blissful sleep, and you will see how you emerge as a stress-free Mom (or Dad).

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