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Seeing Red Light on My Wavlink Extender! Help!

Are you seeing red light on your Wavlink extender? It means that you are also facing connectivity issues with it, aren’t you? If yes, then it’s the correct time to troubleshoot it. Wondering how to troubleshoot the issue? Wonder no more and take the help of the hacks provided in this article. Usually, LEDs on your Wavlink extender are supposed to be green after its successful configuration via Wavlink WiFi extender login details. Green LEDs on your device indicate everything is perfectly fine. On the other hand, if the LED is showing red, it means something isn’t good.

Today, we are going to help you resolve the red light issue with your Wavlink extender via this article. So, continue reading!

Causes! Wavlink Extender Red LED

There could be a number of reasons behind getting the issue. Some of the topmost reasons are provided below. We want you to have a quick look at them. Knowing the cause behind the issue will make it a piece of cake for you to resolve it, isn’t it?

  • Poor internet connection

  • Incorrect Wavlink extender placement

  • Your Wavlink extender and internet router are not placed in close proximity

  • The Ethernet cable you have used for connecting your Wavlink extender and router is damaged. Apart from this, the connection between your devices is not successfully established.

  • An outdated firmware version on your Wavlink extender

Wavlink Extender Red LED: Solved

Fix 1: Reboot Your Wavlink Extender

The first and foremost hack to try in order to troubleshoot the issue is rebooting the Wavlink extender. Yes, you read it right! Rebooting also known as power cycling or restarting, works in a number of cases to fix major technical issues with your Wavlink extender. Hence, prior to applying any other hack, reboot or power cycle the device.

Here are the exact guidelines to reboot the Wavlink extender:

  • Right off the bat, unplug your Wavlink extender and turn it off.

  • Give your Wavlink extender a few minutes to relax and cool down.

  • After some time, turn the Wavlink extender back on and see if this hack helped you resolve the issue.

Fix 2: Place Extender and Router Closer

Distance between your Wavlink extender and modem can be one of the biggest reasons causing the issue. For getting the issue fixed, you need to place your Wavlink extender and internet router in close proximity. Bear in mind, if you place your devices at a distance, then you can face connectivity issues. And, connectivity issues also make your Wavlink extender to flash red.

Fix 3: Check Your Internet Connection

In case you are not receiving an adequate amount of internet range from your service provider’s end, then also you may encounter the issue. Hence, contacting your ISP would be a better idea. Ask him to improve your existing internet speed. How? By updating the router and upgrading your internet plan.

Now, you can perform Wavlink login to check if your internet connection is working fine or not. Anticipating that you have a super-fast internet speed now.

Fix 4: Verify the Connection

The connection between your Wavlink extender and internet modem is very important. If you have not connected your devices properly via a good Ethernet cable, then also the red LED on the Wavlink extender issue may persist. So, to get the issue fixed, connect them (your devices) in a proper way with a working Ethernet cable.

Apart from this, you can also use a wireless source to establish a connection between your devices.

Fix 5: Update Firmware

If your Wavlink device’s firmware is not updated for a longer time, then it’s the correct time to update it. The reason being, an outdated firmware could be one of the biggest reasons behind getting the issue. Thus, we suggest you download the firmware and follow the on-screen instructions in order to update it on your device smoothly.

Note: To prevent any issues while updating the firmware on your Wavlink device, please do not access its WiFi until the process is going on. If you do so, you will interrupt the process.

The Ending Lines

This is how you can get rid of Wavlink extender red light issue. We hope that the aforementioned hacks proved helpful to you. On the off chance, you are struggling with the same issue again, just give the same fixes a try.



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