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My Comfast Extender Disconnecting and Reconnecting! Why?

I have a Comfast AC1200 WiFi extender” I bought it to access the internet in a hassle-free manner. I performed Comfast WiFi extender setup AC1200 in a proper way. But, what I witnessed is unbelievable! My Comfast device is disconnecting and reconnecting. This is hampering my internet speed a lot. What is the point of taking such a vast decision? Can you help me, please? I really want to get rid of the issue.

Comfast AC1200 Disconnecting and Reconnecting: The Fixes

Fix 1: Restart Your Comfast AC1200

The biggest reason causing the “Comfast extender keeps disconnecting and reconnecting” issue is technical glitches. Whatever the reason might be, know that we have got you covered. We will provide you instructions to restart your Comfast device so that you can get rid of the issue as soon as possible. Here we go!

  • First of all, you need to disconnect your Comfast AC1200 extender from your host router.

  • Once you are done doing that, turn off your Comfast device and turn it off.

  • Wait for some time and after that, you can turn on your Comfast extender.

  • Let the AC1200’s LED become stable. And, as soon as it gets stable, reconnect it with your host router.

Fix 2: Check Extender-Router Connection

Have you connected your Comfast AC1200 extender and router in a proper way? Please verify it! It seems like you have not connected your device in a proper way, due to which you are getting the issue. So, to make the most out of your AC1200 device and to fix disconnecting and reconnecting issue:

  • Put your hands on a working Ethernet cable that must not have any damages on it.

  • The cable is supposed to be inserted properly into the correct ports of your AC1200 and router.

After applying this hack, see if the “Comfast extender keeps disconnecting and reconnecting” issue has been resolved for you. If yes, then it’s time to sit back and relax. In case it (the issue) continues to persists, then do not panic. Without thinking much, follow the next hack provided in the upcoming section.

Fix 3: Update AC1200 Firmware

Let us make you aware of this fact first, firmware is software that comes embedded in every Comfast WiFi range extender. If the firmware on your Comfast device is not updated on time, it can cause various issues, apart from the one you are currently getting. So, we insist you take this fact into consideration and update the firmware of your AC1200 device right away.

And, if you are a new user, then let us make you aware of this fact – you first need to perform Comfast range extender setup. And, once you are successfully done with the configuration process, update its firmware.

Pro Tip: Turn on or enable the “firmware update” notification. Doing so will help you update the extender’s firmware on time.

Fix 4: Relocate Comfast AC1200 Extender

WiFi interference is the most common reason why you are experiencing the issue. Therefore, we suggest you change the location of your Comfast extender now. Place it away from mirrors, microwave ovens, treadmills, baby monitors, Bluetooth speakers, and Alexa devices.

Also, we suggest you keep your extender away from concrete walls, windows, and corners. But, we do not recommend placing your AC1200 device away from your host router.

Fix 5: Reset and Reconfigure AC1200

Improper configuration of your Comfast AC1200 WiFi extender can cause the disconnecting and reconnecting issue. Therefore, it is recommended that you reset your AC1200 device first and then configure it from the scratch.

To reset Comfast AC1200 extender:

  • Disconnect it (your AC1200 device) from your router.

  • Locate and press the reset hole present on your extender.

  • Now, wait for the AC1200 LED to get stable.

So, you are successfully done resetting your Comfast extender, aren’t you? If yes, without delay, perform Comfast extender setup AC1200. Wondering how to install Comfast WiFi extender? Not anymore! Just press the WPS button on your AC1200 device and then on your host router. If you don’t want to do Comfast range extender setup using the WPS button, use the manual method instead.

We hope that the hacks provided in this article help you troubleshoot the “Comfast extender keeps disconnecting and reconnecting” issue.



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