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My Netgear Router is Showing Orange Light. What to Do?

Multiple Netgear users out there complain that their WiFi routers are flashing the color orange on one of their LEDs. Is your router also blinking orange? Well, there can be various reasons why the Netgear router is showing orange light. But, we’ve mentioned the common ones for you. Not only reasons, but we’ve also mentioned the hacks using which changing the color of the LED from orange to green will become the easiest task for you. Keep reading.

Why is Your Netgear Router Showing Orange Light?

The primary reason behind the appearance of the orange light on the Netgear router is a patchy internet connection. Therefore, before you give a read to other reasons and implement any troubleshooting technique, we suggest you have a word with your ISP and verify if everything is fine from his end. If not, then ask him to fix the internet speed for you and try accessing after that. But, what if there is no problem from his end? In that case, learning other reasons might help you out. Here they are:

  1. Weak wired connections between the router and modem can force your router to illuminate the color orange. The connection can become weak when either the cable used by you is not in the condition to work or the connection created by you is literally weak.

  1. The improper power supply is another big reason due to which you might see the orange light on the router. It happens when the router receives adequate power it reboots constantly and hence fails to establish a stable connection with the modem showing orange light.

  1. Technical glitches are other culprits due to which your Netgear router is showing orange light. Know that technical glitches are potent enough to push you into a mess of major issues related to the Netgear router.

  1. If the distance between your Netgear router and the modem is too much, then also you can get stuck with the orange light issue on the router. Please note that the distance between the WiFi devices plays a major role in maintaining a stable wireless connection between them.

So, these were the potential causes behind the orange light problem with the Netgear router. Moving on, let’s shed light on the tips that can be used to fix the issue you’re facing. But, before that, we suggest you install the latest firmware version on the router. It has the complete potential of fixing the issue bugging you. In case you want to know how to update router firmware, consider taking the help of the Netgear user manual since the process is different for all models.

[Fix] Netgear Router is Showing Orange Light

  1. The wired connections related to your Netgear router must be stable and strong at all costs. For this, keep a check that the cable is connected to the correct jacks and is in a condition of working. In other words, it must be non-damaged.

  1. Check the wall socket supplying power to your Netgear router. The socket must not be faulty. However, if even after making use of a well-working power socket, your Netgear router is showing orange light, consider trying the next tip in the line.

  1. Restarting your router is another good way to bid farewell to the issue in discussion. Know that rebooting can do miracles that other hacks cannot. Plus, it also tends to improve the performance of the wireless router.

  1. Try reducing the distance separating your Netgear router from the modem. FYI, the router must lie within the boundary line of the WiFi signals emitted by the modem. However, you should avoid making this distance zero.

Summing Up

If your Netgear router is showing orange light, then it means the router is in some serious problem and you need to address it. With the correct hacks in hand, you will be able to fix the orange light issue with the router. Thanks for reading the post!



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