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Best Techniques to Solve Not Working Issue is the local web address of the Netgear wireless router that is needed not just to set up the device but also to log in to it and tweak its settings. However, a number of users are unable to access the setup wizard using the web address. In case, you are sailing in the same boat, then this article is specially written for you.

Here, we have mentioned every damn troubleshooting hack needed to access the Netgear router web address in a hassle-free manner. With that said, continue reading.

[Solved] Not Working Issue

  1. Is the Correct Web Address Entered?

Start the troubleshooting process by asking yourself this question first. In case, the correct web address is not entered, then it is quite obvious why you are not able to access the web user interface of your Netgear wireless router via Either the web address that you have used has typos or it has been entered in the search bar of the browser.

Whatever the case might be, it is recommended that you enter the correct web address. In case this does not help you out, then divert your attention to the following question.

  1. What is the Version of the Web Browser?

In case you cannot recall the last time when you updated your internet browser, then congratulations! You have found another reason why you are experiencing the default web address becoming next to impossible for you. Taking this into consideration, you need to update your internet browser, whether it is Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge right away.

In order to execute the process, a simple effort is needed from your end, i.e. you need to access the Settings menu of the browser and click on the Update Browser button.

  1. Have You Installed Antivirus Software?

There might have been a time when you connected an external device to your computer or laptop due to which it got infected with viruses thereby becoming another reason behind the issue at hand. To take care of the problem, all you need to do is, get rid of the viruses and the only way to do so is by installing antivirus software on your system.

Despite following this hack, are you going bonkers because of your inability to access the web address of your networking device, i.e. Keep reading this post then.

  1. How Weak is Your Internet?

The most common reason why literally any technical issue is caused is because of a weak internet connection. And a weak internet connection can be caused because the connection between the router and the modem is unstable. The reason being, either they are connected wirelessly or the cable connecting them is damaged.

In the first scenario, you have got to change the source of connection whereas in the second one, replace the damaged cable with a new one.

  1. Are Technical Glitches on Board?

We are being hopeful that at least one of the troubleshooting hacks given above helped you to resolve the not working issue. On the off chance, that still is not the case, technical glitches might be on board. To eliminate them, consider power cycling your Netgear wireless router without wasting even a minute more.

Did power cycling the networking device go in vain as well? Well, in that case, you ought to make use of the default IP, i.e. to access the web user interface.

For your information, every Netgear wireless router has a different IP address. In order to find out the one belonging to your router, it is recommended that you refer to the user manual. There, not only will you find the IP of your device, but also other details.


Here ends the article written on how the not working issue can be troubleshot. We have our fingers crossed that you will be able to resolve the issue at hand with ease once done reading this post.

While trying to resolve the issue, if you somehow figured out any other hack through it can be fixed, do share it with your fellow readers. Now, you might be wondering how that can be done, right? Well, a simple use of the comment section is required.



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