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How You Can Reset Rockspace WiFi Extender?

Many users try to reset rock space WiFi extender due to many reasons. Some reasons are users forgetting the admin password, firmware failing again and again, or maybe there is an issue with the hardware performance. But, users are not able to reset their Rockspace extender correctly due to a lack of knowledge. So, in this article, we are going to tell you two ways of resetting so that you can fix your extender issue by performing the reset process.

However, you need to know what will happen after setting the extender to its factory settings. This will remove all the customized settings and will your extender require reconfiguration. Thus, we advised you always reset your Rockspace extender as last resort and if you are well aware of the installation process. Moreover, if you looking for the step by step guide on the reset procedure then read this post.

Method to Reset Rockspace Extender

Two ways can be resetting your extender.

  • Soft Reset

  • Hard Reset

For your information, both methods are very easy to perform. You just need the best guidance about the reset process. You will reset your device on your own. Both ways are explained in the next section so keep reading!

Rockspace Extender (Hard Reset)

This method is one of the easiest to set the Rockspace extender to its factory setting. There are three or four steps only that you need to perform. All the steps are mentioned below:

  • First, you need to power up your Rockspace extender.

  • Look for the reset button on the Rockspace extender.

  • Once you found the reset button, you need to press it for some time with the help of a paper clip.

  • The hard reset process has been completed.

Hence, these are the steps that you need to perform to reset the extender manually. After resetting the extender you need to access the Rockspace local login page so that you will customize the settings of the extender according to your convenience.

Rockspace Extender (Soft Reset)

In this process, you need to log into the Rockspace extender. You can do this by accessing the default web address of the extender. Here, are the steps to complete the Rockspace extender reset process through a web interface.

  • Initially, give the appropriate power supply to the extender from the power source.

  • Press turn-on of the Rockspace extender

  • Connect the extender and host router with the help of an Ethernet cable. (For better outcomes)

  • Switch on the computer or laptop for the further process.

  • Next, open the internet browser on your computer and type the default web address into the address bar.

For your information, the web address of the Rockspace extender that you need to put is re.rockspace.local into the address bar. Or you can also use the default IP address of your extender in the address bar of the web browser and press down the Enter key.

  • Now, you will see the Rockspace login panel.

  • Put the default credentials into the fields.

  • Click on the Log In button.

  • Rockspace BASIC Home Screen will open. Here, you need to go to the menu settings.

  • Click on Advance > Administration > Reset > Factory Reset.

  • Once you complete these steps, your device will restart and you will find your device in its factory settings.

Thus, these are the two easy and effective ways to reset the device. You can perform one of them to reset the extender in less time. However, after that you need to perform the installation of the Rockspace extender so that you can use the extender service and customize the settings of the extender according to your comfort.

To do configuration you need to go to the Rockspace login page by access the default web address. Once you login in the Rockspace setup wizard you need to follow the on screen prompts to complete the setup.


Well, now you are aware of the two reset methods of the Rockspace extender that can set your extender to its factory settings. You can go with the hard reset process in case you have forgotten the admin credentials of your Rockspace extender.



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