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How to Change Wavlink Extender Admin Password – Easy Steps

As soon as the user completes the installation process of a Wavlink range extender, he/she is suggested to make amends to the default password of the range extender. After all, the default admin password of the range extender is available on the internet which makes it easy for an unauthorized user to access the Wavlink WiFi setup dashboard. Taking this fact into consideration, you should also change the default Wavlink extender admin password. However, you have to go through a series of steps in order to accomplish the task and also need to fulfill a few requirements before kickstarting the process. What are they? Let’s find out.

[Prerequisites] Wavlink Password Change Process

You won’t get successful with the password change process of your wireless range extender if you fail to gather the following things or information. Apart from this, we would like to make it very clear that the admin password and the WiFi password of the extender are two different entities.

The purpose of the admin password is to allow you to make changes to the network settings of the extender. On the other hand, the WiFi password; also known as the network key is the passcode using which one can gain access to the network of the range extender and start using the internet. Here’s the list of prerequisites that must be present by your side for the completion of the Wavlink extender admin password-changing process:

  • A web browser like Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari

  • The default web or IP address of your wireless range extender

  • An Ethernet cable to pair up your networking devices [extender and router]

Considering that you have got your hands on the aforementioned factors, let’s move forward with the post and shed light on the instructions to change the admin password of the Wavlink extender.

Steps to Change Wavlink Extender Admin Password

  • First things first, create a wired connection between your Wavlink extender and router.

  • The wired connection can be created with the help of the LAN and WAN ports.

  • Be sure that create a stable [finger-tight] connection.

  • Now, switch on the computer and load an internet browser.

  • Take the cursor to the URL field and key in the extender’s default web or IP address.

  • After that, hit Enter to make your way to the admin page of the range extender.

  • Here, insert the default value of the extender’s password after selecting the language.

  • Clicking the Login button will open up the Wavlink WiFi extender setup wizard.

  • Select the Setup tab and click Login Password.

  • The page will shift to the Password window.

  • Enter the new password for your range extender and click Apply.

Quick Tip: We suggest creating a strong Wavlink extender admin password. It can be a combination of alphanumeric and special characters. Avoid using personal details as the extender’s password plus do not use memorable keyboard paths. Using such kinds of passwords may make the extender’s security vulnerable.

Can’t Change Wavlink Extender Password?

There are occasions when the user fails to change the Wavlink extender login password. By any chance, if you are also stuck in a similar mess, then we suggest you walk through the tips mentioned in this section. There’s a possibility that you ignored an important factor.

  • Before everything else, check the cable connecting your extender to the main gateway [router]. In case you see any wear or tear on it, get it replaced right away.

  • The second thing we suggest to fix the problem during the password-changing process is to install the latest version of the web browser.

  • Erase the junk files from the web browser. Keeping them saved for a smoother browsing experience is a good idea. But, it doesn’t go well with the management of WiFi devices.

  • Make sure that you create a password that meets the guidelines mentioned in the user manual. You can’t use spaces while assigning a password to the range extender.

  • If you are still facing problems while changing the Wavlink extender admin password, give a fresh start to your extender. It will fix technical glitches and you can resume the process.

Sum Up

Changing the admin password of the Wavlink range extender is a great initiative to secure the home network. However, you can further improve the extender’s security by assigning it a new security key and keeping the firmware updated.



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