Comfast WiFi Extender Firmware Update Failed? Let’s Fix It!


In order to maintain the home network’s performance, one needs to keep the networking device’s firmware updated. Keeping the same thing in mind, it is advised that you update the firmware of your Comfast extender regularly. But, it seems that you aren’t able to do so. Do you know why that happened? No? In that case, it is suggested that you take a walk through the information mentioned in this post and get rid of the issue with ease. However, before all that, we suggest you try updating the extender again by referring to the guidelines mentioned in the user manual. From how to set up Comfast WiFi extender to how to update the extender’s firmware, you’ll find every piece of information there.

But, what if you fail to upgrade the firmware of the extender on the second attempt too? Well, it is a sign that you need to invest some time troubleshooting the problem. However, before everything else, we suggest you have a word with your Internet Service Provider and ensure that you have access to the promised bandwidth from his end.

Besides, restart your Comfast extender so that your home network can get rid of technical glitches. Remember that technical glitches are potential causes behind the occurrence of any issue in the digital realm. If both of these efforts fail, you can start the actual troubleshooting process.

[Resolved] Comfast WiFi Extender Firmware Update Failed

  1. Check the Firmware Version

Are you sure that you upgraded the extender’s firmware as per its model number? Well, we doubt that. Let’s re-check it! Just in case the firmware file does not match the model number of the Comfast extender that belongs to you, consider downloading the correct firmware file and uploading it on the extender’s dashboard after that.

In addition, be certain that you do not download the firmware version that is no longer in use. To say it simply, avoid downloading previous versions of firmware. Doing so will degrade your extender’s output instead of maximizing it.

Furthermore, ensure that the computer you’ve used for upgrading the extender’s firmware is not tainted with viruses. There’s no doubt that the presence of a virus on a PC can infect the firmware file you’ve downloaded and hence the Comfast extender update process.

  1. Avoid Background Activities

As soon as you upload the firmware file on the dashboard of your Comfast range extender, you are supposed to stay patient and wait. But, it seems that you were not paying enough attention while the firmware update process was in progress.

Possibly, you’ve closed the tab or jumped to a new one. There’s also a chance that you were using a cached version of the web browser in order to get the extender’s firmware updated. Thus, rectify your mistake and see if you get successful with the process this time.

However, apart from taking care of the aforementioned things, you also need to ensure that you do not unplug the extender or disconnect it from the main gateway amidst the process. Constant power supply and internet connections are major requirements for the firmware update process to get completed.

  1. Reconfigure the Extender

If you are still getting troubled by the Comfast WiFi extender firmware update failed issue, then it means that your extender has been attacked by some serious problem. This is to inform you that the extender’s network is in the most vulnerable state when the file uploading process is being executed.

To get rid of all such major issues at once, you’re left with no option other than the reconfiguration of the extender. Therefore, first of all, do the Comfast WiFi extender reset and set up the extender thereafter.

You can reset the range extender by long-pressing the Reset button present on it. However, while doing so, keep in mind that the extender is not sharing a wired or wireless connection with any device present in the home network. You can also reset the extender by accessing the dashboard of the range extender.

The Conclusion

The moment you reset your Comfast wireless range extender, it will become ready for the setup process again and thereby for the firmware update process. So, refer to the user manual you’ve received with the extender package and configure the settings of the extender. After that, perform the Comfast WiFi extender firmware update. But, this time, do not make the mistake of uploading the incorrect firmware file.


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