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Why Is It Crucial to Measure Your Child’s Height Regularly

Children and babies grow physically because of the changes that take place in the epiphyses of their long arms and leg bones. The production of new bone tissue by these growth plates increases the length of the child’s long bones and consequently their height. 

The first nine months of life which includes the prenatal period is when people grow at their fastest rate. But the development rate somehow decreases after birth. Many parents do not realize that keeping track of their child’s height is crucial. As a parent, if you have never kept track of your child’s height using a height measurement tool, then this is a sign to start right away. 

The Importance of Measuring the Child’s Height 

You must measure your child’s height as they become older. This helps to know if they are developing normally or not. When a child’s height is measured, it gives a sign that their general health and well-being are also good. 

As parents, one must actively monitor their height and growth. In case, you find the height to not improve significantly, even after you check regularly using a height measuring rod, then you can consult with a healthcare professional. 

How to Measure Your Child’s Height in the Right Manner?

A few key points must be kept in mind when taking the height measurement as they can influence the outcome. Some of these include the following 

  • When measuring, the first thing that you must be clear about is that you are using a measuring tape, ruler and pencil. 
  • You must make sure that your child is standing against an unobstructed vertical surface, ideally a wall since the doors can shift while leaning against them. Also, their feet should be together and flat on the ground.
  • Remember to take off the shoes of your child and any hair ties before you begin measuring. 
  • The shoulders and bottom should be in contact with the walls and the legs should be straight while the child should be facing the wall.

Make sure that you are keeping track of the height measurement in a book. This will help you to maintain a record and know when to go to the doctor.

Factors that Can Affect the Height of a Child

Before you notice your child is having any problem with their height, knowing the factors that can affect it is crucial. Some of these factors include the following

  • Genetics 

One of the main factors that affects the child’s height is genetics. Tall parents will probably produce tall children. In a smaller vein, the probability of the project being on the petite side increases if the biological subjects have a shorter duration. The average height of the child’s parents determines their final height

  • Health 

Certain illnesses can impact the height of the child negatively. These may include unfavourable conditions like heart diseases, kidney problems, lung diseases and more. In addition to this, hormone-related imbalances like insufficient growth hormone or an inactive thyroid may also affect a child’s height.

  • Nutrition 

It is acknowledged that the development of the child depends on receiving a healthy diet. As minerals, vitamins and proteins are required for the proper development of the child and evolution of health – parents must focus on providing their child with a balanced diet. If the required nutrients are not present in the food in sufficient amounts, then the child’s growth may suffer.

  • Sleep 

There are certain hormones which promote the growth and development of a child. These hormones are released in the physical form when in a deep state of unconsciousness. The lack of time can hinder the development of a child further affecting their height. 

  • Socio-economic Factors 

It may not seem like a significant reason but socio-economic factors can also lead to affecting a child’s development. You may see that young individuals with an advanced socio-economic situation usually tend to have a good height compared to those who don’t. This is simply because they get access to nutritious food, more treatment opportunities and a good lifestyle.

  • Gender 

Men are generally taller than the women. This happens because of the development spurts that occur during adolescence. The gender difference in height becomes particularly apparent during this time. 

  • Physical Activity 

Some children love to engage in physical activities. While the others do not. When you measure a child’s height using a height measurement tool who is actively a participant in sports like swimming or running, they tend to have better development than those who do not. Simply because these activities promote the growth hormones and help the bones to strengthen. 

  • Environmental Conditions 

There are external environmental conditions which contribute to the height of the child. This may include when a child is exposed to tobacco consumption at the time of pregnancy or poison, it can affect their height negatively. Also when there is extreme stress or tension during youth, it can impact the height. 

When to Contact a Doctor? 

Your child can be shorter than other children of his age. There is no problem with that as eventually, they will grow after a certain period. But if you think that your child’s growth is moving at a different pace compared to his mates, then it could be a matter of concern. In situations like these, make sure to consult with a doctor.

Keep a Track of Your Child’s Height Regularly 

Now that you know the importance of measuring your child’s height, you should also know that you do not need to visit a doctor regularly to do that. Measuring the child’s height can be done at home using a height measuring rod from us at MedGuard. 

At our store, we have a range of height measuring tools available from our own in-house brand as well as other popular ones. Being a leading brand in the UK, we have grown an immense reputation for selling high-quality products. As you browse through our profile, you can place an order and get the item delivered to your doorstep at reasonable prices.


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