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Enhance Aerodynamics With Audi TT RS Carbon Fiber Components

Investing in a TT RS is an excellent decision for automobile enthusiasts, as it boasts the most powerful five-cylinder engine among Audi road cars, enabling it to reach speeds of up to 175mph with ease. However, its performance potential is hindered by the traditional materials used in its construction, which add significant drag weight. To optimize its performance and enhance its aerodynamic compatibility, Audi TT RS owners can opt for carbon fiber parts. These replacement parts will not only reduce the car’s weight but also improve its driving experience. The following are some examples of carbon fiber parts that can be used to achieve this premium driving experience.

Most Popular Carbon Fiber Accessories For Audi TT RS


The carbon fiber spoiler for the TT RS is one of the model’s most sought-after accessories. The main function of the spoiler is to increase downforce and decrease lift, making the vehicle more stable at high speeds. As the carbon fiber spoiler weighs less than the original spoiler, it helps the vehicle accelerate, brake, and turn more quickly and precisely. The sleek and athletic style of the spoiler may also provide your vehicle with an air of aggression. 

Mirror Caps

Mirror caps made of carbon fiber are a simple way to give your car a new look. The mirror covers are strong and long-lasting, giving the vehicle an air of sophistication and sportiness. The carbon fiber mirror covers are more lightweight than the originals, which contributes to the vehicle’s overall weight reduction for enhanced handling and fuel economy.

Front Lip

Of the many carbon fiber components of a TT RS or Audi r8, the front lip is among the most frequently added. The front lip may enhance the vehicle’s aerodynamics by decreasing drag and raising downforce, hence enhancing the vehicle’s stability at high speeds. Also, it’s lighter than the original equipment manufacturer’s front lip, which means less weight and increased performance.

Side Skirts 

The function of the side skirts, which are mounted below the doors, is to restrict the passage of air under the vehicle. This decrease in airflow has a positive effect on the car’s stability at high speeds by decreasing lift. Due to their light nature, they contribute to lowering the vehicle’s curb weight. In addition, they provide your Audi with a more aggressive appearance.

Rear Diffuser

Located behind the trunk lid, the rear diffuser decreases air resistance and boosts downforce. The carbon fiber diffuser helps keep the car’s curb weight down since it’s much more lightweight than the standard diffuser. The enhanced aerodynamics provided by these aftermarket additions allow you to maintain a firm grip on the wheel at high speeds.

Rear Spoiler

Situated at the rear end of the car’s trunk, the rear spoiler is specifically engineered to generate downforce, which aids in enhancing the stability and handling of the vehicle. The carbon fiber variant of the rear spoiler is relatively lighter than the standard one, thereby contributing to reducing the overall weight of the car. This reduction in weight translates to improved fuel economy and better overall performance, as the car requires less energy to accelerate and maintain speed.


The aerodynamic splitter is situated towards the front of the vehicle, positioned under the bumper with the purpose of enhancing the car’s overall performance. This component has been specifically engineered to decrease the lift and increase the downforce, enabling the car to consume less fuel while achieving greater speeds. Constructed from high-quality carbon fiber materials, this splitter functions by redirecting the air that passes underneath the car. This redirection of airflow reduces the drag and improves the stability of the car, making it more reliable and efficient, particularly when driving at high speeds.

Final Words

By using carbon fiber parts for your Audi TT RS, you can achieve greater speed while simultaneously improving fuel efficiency. These parts are specifically crafted to enhance the car’s aerodynamic properties, resulting in increased downforce and greater control for the driver. Additionally, since carbon fiber is lightweight, these parts reduce drag weight and provide the car with more power.


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