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What is Intel Evo vs Core Processors: The Difference You Must Know

While Intel Evo laptops are the most preferred devices for users looking for reliable devices with solid performance and battery life, there is also a line of equally popular devices, i.e., Intel Core laptops. But most users get confused between these products while shopping. To help you make a sound decision, here is what you need to know about Intel Evo and Intel Core.

Let’s Get Started by Knowing the Intel Core: 

Intel Core is the Intel ongoing and long-running processor family, which got rolled out in 2007. Since its inception, multiple chips have been launched for desktops and laptops.

When the Intel Core chips arrived, they replaced the Pentium chips.

If Intel Core is the Indigenous Product of Intel, what is Intel Evo?

Intel Evo laptops got launched in 2020. They are also an Intel product, but it’s a label that indicates the quality of the devices. They are premium category devices. The Intel Evo is utterly different from Core laptops, which feature diverse families of microprocessors.

Laptops carrying the Evo badge are a variety of high-performing devices tested under the Intel Evo platform to match specific quality parameters.

To get an Evo badge, laptop manufacturers must fulfil specific criteria through their laptops regarding battery life, key performance metrics, weight, wired and wireless connectivity standards and more.

When users purchase such a high-level certified device, they get assured that it will meet their needs without fail and perform as intended. To distinguish the Intel Evo laptops and Core laptops, look at their certification badge.

Difference between Intel Evo Laptops vs Core Laptops:

Although Intel Evo laptops and Core laptops are products of Intel, they differ in the following ways.

  • The Intel Evo laptops boast a thin and lightweight design and are part of Intel’s project Athena. On the other hand, Core laptops utilize the traditional line of Core processors that have been around for quite some time. These laptops are available in a wide range, from entry-level to high-end models for content creation and gaming.
  • Intel Evo laptops have been optimized for software and hardware. As a result, they offer higher power efficiency, better battery life, instant wake-up from sleep and fast charging capabilities. These laptops provide high performance in various use cases such as productivity, intensive workloads, content creation on the go etc. On the other hand, Core laptops are generally more powerful but are less power efficient and consume more energy.
  • Intel Evo laptops offer a perfect balance of performance and power efficiency, whereas Core laptops are powerful but less power efficient.
  • Also, all Intel Evo laptops are in some way or other Core laptops, but Core Laptops cannot be Evo unless they get tested for Intel Evo platform guidelines.

Are Intel Evo Laptops Ideal for Gaming?

Intel Evo-certified laptops are high-performing machines for everyday computing tasks, like video meetings, multitasking, content consumption & creation and more.

When it comes to gaming, the potency of these laptops depends on your gaming needs. If you play games as a hobby, you can use Intel Evo laptops to do the task. But these laptops are designed specifically for businesses and to be used as workstations on the go.

If you talk about pro-level gaming, it is a heavy workload that demands high-level processing and graphics quality. Also, most high-end gaming components have higher power draws. While Evo laptops can handle most games easily, they aren’t for gaming. These laptops have been built as reliable machines for on-the-go purposes.

Are Intel Core Laptops Good for Gaming? 

The same goes for Core laptops. It depends on your gaming needs. The Core laptops come in various types of processor series, such as Core i3, Core i5, Core i7, Core i9 and Core X-Series.

While Core i3 is best suited for everyday tasks, Core i5 offers better performance by supporting 4K graphics and faster speed. These core processors can help you with basic-level to mid-level gaming, but nothing more than that.

If you are into high-level gaming, you may have to go for i7 and i9 Core processors. They are ideal for resource-intensive tasks such as gaming. However, these laptops do compromise battery life to keep up with gaming.


Intel Evo laptops are a perfect option for users looking for a reliable workstation for on-the-go purposes. However, laptops that don’t have an Evo badge aren’t bad either. A perfect example of this case is gaming laptops. However, if you aren’t looking for an all-in-one device and aren’t bothered about good gaming performance, opting for Intel Evo laptops is a good decision.


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