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Neelam Stone: A Symbol of Strength and Wisdom

Each gemstone is revered for its symbolism. From the symbolism that makes it a perfect royal gem to the mystique of why people buy blue sapphire or Neelam for astrological benefits, it makes its allure undeniable. 

In context, this blog features the neelam stone’s benefits, making it a famous stone in astrology. 

If you are a gem collector or an astrology believer, you must have recollected what blue sapphire is. If you are a beginner and want to explore more about this gemstone, this guide is for you. 

What is Neelam Stone and its meaning?

Blue sapphire stone, commonly known as Neelam in Hindi, comes from the corundum mineral family. It is considered one of the precious gemstones that is valued for its impressive blue color. This stone’s blue color is due to trace elements such as iron and titanium. 

This fantastic gemstone has held a special meaning throughout its history. It signifies royalty, dedication, love, and nobility. Moreover, it is called the “gemstone of wisdom and strength.” 

Let’s see how

Assessing the power of Neelam Stone in Providing Wisdom 

Neelam is a powerful gemstone when it comes to astrology. This gemstone has been deeply associated with spirituality. It helps the wearer to gain wisdom and faith. This captivating gemstone helps in unblocking the third eye chakra. Stimulating the third eye chakra offers the individual high clarity and vision and facilitates communication. 

Clarity in thoughts leads to improved decision-making skills. That’s why natural blue sapphire is recommended to those facing problems making worthwhile decisions. 

Stimulating Strength and Discipline with Neelam Stone 

Neelam gemstone is associated with the planet Saturn. Wearing a Neelam stone ring helps align the energies of the planet that resonates around the wearer. The planet Saturn, also known as Shani in Hindi, is associated with traits such as patience, discipline, and power. 

Blue sapphire is the perfect stone under the zodiac signs Capricorn and Aquarius. It helps you get inner strength when facing countless obstacles related to your career or personal life. 

How to Wear Neelam Stone?

Gemstones give maximum benefits when worn correctly. Pick natural blue sapphire stone only, as it provides practical astrological benefits. Energize this blue stone by dipping it in raw milk, Ganga jal, and honey. 

After energizing the stone, chant “Om Praam Preem Prom Saha Shanaye Namah” 108 times. The correct finger to wear this gemstone is the middle finger of the right hand. 

In conclusion, Neelam is a precious stone that is valuable for its physical and metaphysical properties. For jewelry, this stone fits excellent as it is durable and loved for its fantastic color. 

Astrological benefits of blue sapphire include offering the wearer wealth, luck, and prosperity. It is related to the Ajana Chakra or the third eye chakra. Unblocking this chakra helps in getting over aggression, stress, and anxiety. Choose the best Neelam stone from the house of Navratan, the online gem bazaar. 


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