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9 Points About Important Forklift License Information

1. How can I get a license for a forklift?

To get a forklift permit, you must successfully complete training and evaluation with a Registered Training Organization.

2. At what age can a person apply for a forklift license?

You must be at least 18 years old and have a valid photo ID, such as a passport, Australian driver’s license, or key pass card, in order to register with SafeWork Australia or WorkSafe Victoria.

3. How long is a High-Risk Work License valid?


All High-Risk Work Licenses, including forklift, have been highly expensive for a very long time (you can pay a re establishment charge to keep your permit before every expiry period)

4. Are there any requirements to get a forklift license?

To use forklifts safely, trainees must be at least 18 years old and proficient in spoken and written English. This encompasses the ability to:


  • Check and correctly understand the information on information plates, forklift specifications, and instructions for safe work practices.


  • Finishing administrative responsibilities including logbook entries and risk evaluations.


  • A load load should be determined, and safe working limits should not be exceeded.


  • Communicate in English, of course.


  • Make sense of complex requirements and challenges, and on occasion, confirm them.


If it’s not too much trouble, students should contact License to Operate a Forklift Truck if they have any questions about whether or not they have the abilities necessary to successfully finish our forklift permit course. get in touch with Licence to operate a Forklift Truck.

5.A license to drive a forklift is actually required?

“No” is the response. In Australia, a driver’s license is not required to operate a forklift on a building site. In Australia, you need a License to Perform High Risk Work with the LF support in order to drive a forklift.


Forklifts must be registered (i.e., have number plates) and you must have a current Australian drivers license in order to operate one on a public street or lane.

6. For how long is a forklift license valid?

All high risk work permits, including those for forklifts, have been in force for a very long time.


Your High-Risk Work License will have a validity period. Before it expires, make sure you reapply for your forklift high-risk work license. WorkSafe will send you a letter that may be used to renew your forklift license at an Australian Post office.


If your address has changed after your last Forklift High-Risk Work License was issued or restored and you haven’t notified Worksafe of the change, you won’t receive the letter you need to reinstate your permit. To arrange recharging in this situation, contact WorkSafe directly or fill out an online application at

7. How do I renew my license for a forklift?


You have two options for renewing your Worksafe Forklift High-Risk Work License.


Your forklift high-risk work license will likely be reinstated, according to a letter you’ll get from WorkSafe Victoria. You should really hand this letter off to Australia Post so they can finish charging the system. Information on fees and other requirements, such as the need for additional identification images and the payment of permit reestablishment fees, will be included in the letter.


High-Risk Work Licenses in Victoria are now available online. On, a High-Risk Work License can now be requested, renewed, and updated online.

8. What does a forklift license entail?

To operate a forklift on any jobsite in Australia, you must have a Worksafe High-Risk Work License with LF underwriting. The fact that LF stands for “Loadshifting Forklift” disproves the false notion that it stands for “Light Forklift.”


High-Risk Work Permits, which in turn were superseded by DLI (Department of Labor and Industry) licenses, took the role of the more seasoned OHS Certification Cards. Previously, there were two kinds of DLI permits for forklifts: under 10 tonnes and over 10 tonnes. The forklift limit is unlimited under the current design of our facility.

9. Is your forklift license’s maximum weight limit restricted?

No, a Worksafe High-Risk Work License permits you to operate a forklift of any size.


However, if your manager now demands that you should drive a different forklift with a greater lifting capacity than the one for which you were trained and graded, the company should make sure you have the proper guidance and oversight.


There are additional programmes as well, such as instruction in rail safety training. Visit for more information.



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